Basics Of Prostate Massage}

Basics Of Prostate Massage}

Basics of Prostate Massage


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Men with acute prostatitis are advised not to take a prostate massage as this will enable the infection in the prostate gland to spread further to other parts of the body. The infection can spread through the blood stream so it is a always a good idea to consult the doctor and undergo a rectal examination.


There are certain things that need to be kept in mind before one does undergo a prostate massage. This is assuming that the prostate gland of the individual is in a reasonably good condition.Important Things:The fingers that the person is going to use for massaging the prostate have to be clean and lubricated. However, it is highly recommended to wear latex gloves so that there is no element of risk in regards to safety and cleanliness.Along with the fingers being clean and lubricated, one should take a shower before starting with the prostate massage. This makes the person feel clean and makes the process even smoother and easier. The most important thing to remember is to keep the anus well lubricated so as to facilitate the insertion of fingers.The prostate massage should be done slowly and gently. This is a very important thing to be taken care of as the prostate gland is a very delicate and sensitive organ. It can be damaged very easily. Harsh touches or harsh massaging will damage the gland and cause severe problems. There is also a correct technique of carrying out the massage. Slow, repetitive and circular motions are recommended for proper massage and maximum pleasure.One more tip to make the pleasure reach new heights is to take deep breaths during the prostate massage. This acts as a stress reliever and enhances the feeling of an orgasm.Q: How to do a prostate massage more effectively?Ans: Prostate MassagersNot all men are comfortable with the prospect of inserting their own fingers in their anus. They are on the lookout for alternate methods. Prostate massage devices are available these days and are popularly known as prostate massagers. The use of prostate massager can provide much more pleasure as compared to using fingers for prostate stimulation. Prostate massagers may be less risky to use some issues need to be kept in mind prior to using them for experiencing a prostate massage.The same slow, gentle and circular motions need to be used for achieving maximum pleasure as is the case while using fingers for prostate stimulation.The prostate massager as well as the anus should be clean and well lubricated prior to the prostate massage so as to facilitate insertion and maximize the pleasure.One of the very important things to keep in mind is to always use a well known brand of prostate massagers. The prostate gland is a very important organ and also is quite delicate and sensitive. One must not risk its health by taking cheap and lower quality brands. One of the very well known brands is Nexus and some of its very famous and best selling products are Nexus Vibro/Nero Excel/ Glide male g-spot massager.

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Basics of Prostate Massage