Give Your House A Facelift: The Beauty Of Exterior House Paint

Give Your House A Facelift: The Beauty Of Exterior House Paint

The exterior of your home says a lot about your personality and taste. In addition to landscape designs and architectural details, a perfect exterior house paint can hugely boost the curb appeal and value of your home. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the right exterior house paint and how professionals like Newcastle Painters can add a professional touch to your painting project.

Understanding Exterior House Paint

Exterior house paint is specially formulated to resist UV light, endure harsh weather conditions, resist fading and peeling off, and fight mold and mildew. It comes in three different finishes – flat/matte, gloss, and satin/eggshell. For exterior walls, flat paint is the most popular choice, but gloss or satin paints are often used for trims to give them a distinct appeal.

The Importance of Quality in Exterior Paint

While it might be tempting to save some dollars on cheaper paints, investing in high-quality exterior paints can pay you off in the long run. Quality paint lasts longer, resist fading, and rarely requires a second coat, which means lower maintenance costs. When working with expert Newcastle Painters, they will only recommend the top brands since they understand the value of a long-lasting finish.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

Choosing the right paint color for your home exterior can be a challenging and overwhelming task with thousands of shades to pick from. Consider the following tips when deciding:

  • Consider Your Home’s Era and Style: If your home is Victorian, traditional colors like gray and white may work well. For a modern home, you might go bold with darker colors.
  • Consider Your Landscape: Think about your surroundings. Choose colors that harmonize with the natural setting of your home.

Choosing the Right Finish

Exterior house paint comes in a variety of finishes. Flat/matte paint is excellent for concealing imperfections but is not as durable. Satin/eggshell finish provides a bit of shine and is relatively easy to clean, making it a popular choice. Gloss finish, on the other hand, is the most durable and easiest to clean but shows nearly all imperfections.

Professional Painters and Their Services

The task might seem easy, but painting a house requires time, effort, and technique. Professional companies like Newcastle Painters offer services that go beyond painting. They prepare the walls by cleaning and scraping off old paint, fixing any damage, and applying primer. They ensure that every stroke of their brush increases the beauty and value of your home.


Whether you aim at boosting your home’s curb appeal, preparing it for a sale, or simply giving it a facelift, the right exterior house paint is key. Make sure to decide wisely on the quality, color, and finish. And if you want a professional touch, don’t hesitate to hire professionals, and remember, experienced Newcastle Painters are always there to transform your home with their expert skills.