Why Businesses Are Going For Rebranding?

Why Businesses Are Going For Rebranding?

Submitted by: Alvin Parker

Rebranding is a frequent term, used with many businesses these days. Rebranding is an act when a business or an organization decides to change a significant element of the brand. Such a change can be in the form of a change in the logo color or having a brand new logo design itself. It can also be in the form of significant shift in the messaging for better communication with clients and customers.

Now, in short we can say that rebranding of the business is very important. However, it can be expensive project and equally risky. The reason why we call this risky because there is a chance that employees and consumers may not accept the change and it can prove very disastrous.

Reasons why businesses plan for Rebranding

It can be divided into two parts: Proactive Rebranding and Reactive Branding

Proactive Rebranding can take place keeping following points in context:


– Predicted Growth: Such scenarios occur when the company simply plans to create a sense of brand unity across its business. It can also be done when company plans to enter international market.

– Starting new line of business or market: Whenever a company plans to enter into a new line of business which has no familiarity with current status of the brand, rebranding can be a good option.

– New target audience: The best way to attract new group of audience is rebranding.

– To maintain the relevancy: As soon as the brand realizes that it is losing its relevancy among customers, it is high time to rebrand it in more relevant and familiar manner. Its main aim is to rebuild the customer loyalty.

Reactive branding covers the mergers and acquisitions, legal issues, competition and negative publicity.

– Company mergers and acquisitions: It is very common when companies merger or acquire another company, they want to make a new identity for which they need rebranding.

– Legal complexities: There are many legal reasons for which the company has to go for rebranding. The common example is the trademarks which often compel companies to plan its rebranding. In such cases exhaustive search trademark search is required and after it you need to obtain trademark rights before launching it.

– Coping with competition: Companies competitor s also sometimes act as the catalyst for making rebranding planning. In a situation when your competitor has occupied your customers, thoroughly planned rebranding can bring back the lost monopoly.

– Negative Publicity: Any company can face the wrath of the market and customers. Such negative publicity poses dreadful impact on the brand image.

These activities often lead brands to revamp their public image completely. So, now we can say that rebranding is highly important for any business going through any of the above stated scenarios.

Moreover, any business which is planning rebranding must hire professional advertising or branding agencies specializing in graphics and media print to minimize the risk of failing in the public.

So, take the decision of selecting the graphic design or web designs company wisely. A right decision or partner can help you get maximum profit possible.

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